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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Workin' Man

Hunter has informed us, along with many family members, that when he grows up he's going to be "a workin' man." Well, I guess that's a good thing!

The other day, I walked into the kitchen after Hunter had woken up and he greeted me with, "What are you doing up so early?" Ha! Where does that even come from?

Blake is growing so fast! He's already 13 lbs 3 oz at 2 months old. Yikes! He's a big boy! He did great getting his 2 months shots yesterday. He cried while the nurse was giving the shots but settled really quickly. He spent most of Monday sleeping and eating. He did run a low grade fever, but was all smiles when he was awake.

Speaking of smiles, he really is grinning a lot now and it melts my heart. He has the most precious dimples and I'm sure they will spare him lots of trouble in the future! How can you resist a boy with dimples? I know I can't!

UPDATE on DANA... We visited Waco again last weekend and were so excited to see the progress Dana had made since last Tuesday. She is completely lucid and can have a true conversation with you. Her memory stops that night that they called 911, which was Nov. 1. She does not remember any of the ordeal until she came out of her fog this past week. What a blessing and truly God's provision that she does not know all of the frightening ordeals that she went through.

They are weaning her off of the ventilator, and she is doing well with that. It is hard work, but she knows she has to do it. One nurse described it to my sister-in-law as comparable to "training for a marathon." Wow! Little by little, she is taking in more food by mouth, but is not really enjoying it since her tastebuds are shot from not being used for these past couple of months.

She continues on the dialysis MWF and has a break Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her kidney levels are getting better by the day. Praise God! Her infection level is down to near normal- a HUGE PRAISE!! This bug she is fighting is a tough one. Apparently, if 3 patients in the ICU were to get it, they would completely close the ICU, transfer the patients out and spend 2 weeks disinfecting the unit. Yikes! We are so grateful to see it responding to the antibiotics. That's a huge blessing.

She is so ready to see the grandbabies... David, Ryan, Hunter, Savanna and Blake. She still has not ever met Blake in person. I can't wait!

She really has come full circle... asking for her hair rollers, making Scott write out a list for HEB knowing we were all coming in town...

We are so thankful for the prayers. Even Dana mentioned to me that she could not have done this without the prayers. She still has a long recovery ahead and we continue to pray that she does not hit any bumps along the road. Many thanks for your continued prayers!


Spotted-Bird said...

What a blessing!!! I have been wondering about y'all. I am so happy to hear all the great news. Tell her to keep up the good work and we will keep praying for her.

Ebes said...

Hey Raincheck! Excited to find your blog! The boys are adorable! Congrats on the new little one. I am so glad the Dana is doing better. I will keep her in my prayers.