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Monday, January 5, 2009

Another request...

Monday was a tough day for us. We are all broken and tired and so ready to see positive change for Dana. I cannot imagine how she must be feeling after 9 weeks of this.

She was placed on hemodialysis to help with her kidney functioning. We are praying again for a miracle and a turn-around with her kidneys. We saw one nearly a week ago with her heart and feel confident in God's mercy and power.

As of Monday evening, the hemodialysis was able to remove a good amount of fluid out of her body, thus giving her kidneys a chance to rest. Our hope is that after this process, she will be able to do the work on her own effectively. We need this to happen!

A prayer request for today that you can join us in is for her kidneys to respond favorably and to start to do better and better with each passing minute. This is critical.

Many thanks for your prayers.


Spotted-Bird said...

We will be praying for Dana. Thanks for the update. Michael, Darrell and I were talking about her today at the Foundry. Keep up posted.

DCC said...

done deal-

Peachy said...

we will pray for Chris' mom in our prayers tonight :)