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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sesame street live

E and I had a mommy-daughter date with our friends Hayley and Lyles and Stacy and Savannah. We took the girls downtown to Sesame Street Live. They all had a blast and were such a good audience.

All dressed up and ready to go...

Happy girl!

Enjoying her popcorn

We had awesome seats- up close and along the aisle so we were close to the characters.

I think she likes it!

Smiling pretty!

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Thanksgiving Week

We have enjoyed every minute of this week off.

We kicked it off early with Blake and Luke's 4th birthday. We did the tailgate party again and had a great time!

That weekend, Blake played in his last soccer game of the season. We went to the Alamo Heights Parade that evening and then to The Purple Garlic for dinner.

Sunday, we went to church and started pulling out Christmas decorations.

Monday....We went to the Witte- pics on my good camera. We took Christmas card pictures too.

Tuesday....We got a head start on decorating. Emily played on my tree skirt with her babies.

Wednesday- we went and saw Wreck it Ralph, scoped out the toys at Learning Express and played at Sha Sha and Babs all afternoon with Aunt Kristin. That night we went to Longhorn Cafe for burgers (or the restaurant with the little house according to Blake).

Here is my veggie tray for Thanksgiving. Its a turkey!
I also made the mashed potatoes. This was day two of strep throat for me.

Ending the night in a big tshirt and heading out to roast s'mores.

Friday- we left for Waco. E and I shopped with Mimi and we all went to El Con for dinner. That night, E was diagnosed with and ear infection and Dr. B looked in my throat to confirm what I already figured.

Saturday- with several of the Joneses sick, we left to come
Home after breakfast. We were able to rest and run a few errands. Chris had strep throat by this time.

Sunday- with so many of us sick and on antibiotics, we didnt go to church. We finished the Christmas tree and the outside lights.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear Emily,
One typical Friday night, we were home together while the boys went to Redbox for a movie. As I cleaned up the kitchen, I was completely unaware of artistic measures being executed mere feet away from me. Oh the pride you had in a job well done. Many have asked what my first reaction was....and it was sheer shock. I believe God was gracious to me at that moment and gave me perspective and humor over the entire episode. So, I immediately grabbed my camera and began taking pictures.

You are so thorough. You don't miss a detail. Your lips were so perfectly colored, each toenail filled in and even the bottoms of your feet marked. Proud you were!

Luckily- it was washable and not on any other surface. However, you did not learn your lesson. Why, you ask? Well, I found
You this morning scribbling with a ball point pen on my bed skirt. Sweet girl- stick to paper.

Love you most!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is the latest....

You may be confused. Chris and I did not go to TCU, but there is a clear love for the purple and white at this house by our boys. Where did this originate? Well, 3 very cute Fort Worth cousins have convinced our boys that TCU is the best- so, we have some very dedicated fans around here. Blake has been wishing for a uniform for months, so I found the TCU one and let him break into it early. Thanks Mimi and Bapa- he couldn't resist! Now Hunter is thoroughly disappointed that he doesn't have one too, so looks like we will have 2 uniforms around here soon. Go Frogs!

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New family member

Thank you Woodridge just keep on giving. Last year, we won our first fish. He soon after expired, but had to be replaced with a newer and fancier version- a Beta. I think we are now on our 2nd Beta but the kids argue it's not. The point is, you then buy the whole fish bowl, rocks, decorative pieces, food.....The fish is living a great life. Oh, and guess who takes care of it? Uh huh. Me.

So this year, we came home with Shelly the Hermit Crab. And we have since doled out more mou-lah to make his home hospitable. Here he is soaking in a little salt water. I had no idea they were this high maintenance!

So, currently at our home, we have:
2 dogs
1 cat
2 frogs
1 fish
1 hermit crab

Yippee skippy!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Playing catch up...

2 worn out boys from a fun weekend away....

Ready to cheer on big brother at the baseball park

First machine pitch game- fall 2012

Tutu wearing spectator

We got "flocked"

Potty training diva on day 2

Cheering on the Horned Frogs

Celebrating a special birthday

Cute boys!

Looking good in purple!

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iPhone treasures....

Jamaica 10 year trip....
Leaving Atlanta for Montego Bay. Yeah mon!

Peacocks roamed the grounds of the resort. The hotel bar was called The Wobbly Peacock. :-)

Gorgeous view of the ocean from the lobby.

Me ready to head down to the beautiful beach, my daily piña coladas, some Jamaican music and read a book!

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A few off my phone

Carnival crazy....

Darling driver....

Kooky carving kids....

Mummy munchies....

Zoo trip pics....

Ballpark beauty...

Leotard lady....

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Latest.... doing awesome as a 1st grader! He loves school, adores his teacher, and is making us so proud in all that he does. He is playing on the Thunder Bullets soccer team with some friends. Daddy is helping coach. He's had a great season so far and scored several goals. He is also playing Fall Ball and doing great. He's gotten several good hits and made some great plays in the field. He is staying busy with golf lessons each Tuesday, soccer practice on Thursdays and games Saturday and Sunday. He is reading up a storm and continues to be so creative. He loves to come home and draw, color and create. He's always trying to invent something, write stories, etc. He also loves to throw the football with daddy, race, ride bikes, climb trees, and do all the "boy" things. He's such a sweet boy! Hard to believe he will be 7 soon. Seems like it's so old! having a great year at school in Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Amy's class. He's the "life of the party" according to his teachers. He is busy with golf lessons with Hunter and his friends and keeps up with the big boys and all that they do. We are so impressed with his persistence in that area. He is also on the Mustangs soccer team. When he's not being a stunt man falling on the ground, he's having a great time playing the game. He's made a few goals- sometimes in the wrong goal, but whatever. He's loving being on a team and doing a great job. He is really into action figures and plays with them a lot. He also loves football and is very obsessed with the uniform, the helmet and the game itself. He will be 4 in a couple of weeks, so we are planning another Tailgate party for both Blake and Luke. It will be fun! We are incorporating all sports into the party this year. One of our favorite things that Blake says these days is, "Of course" when you ask him a question.

Emily....well, she is nearly 3 weeks into potty training and has done great. The weekend before we left for Jamaica, she decided she wanted nothing to do with diapers anymore, so I bit the bullet and we went for it. No turning back! She has done great and is very independent about it. She is loving school more and more. She is singing a lot these days- loves to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider (esp the part about WASH the spider out), says the Way up High in the Apple Tree chant that I said as a child, loves to sing I'm a Little Teapot and knows her ABC's. Crazy! She still loves the color pink. She loves to play baby dolls and is such a little mommy. I love to hear her talk to them and watch her take care of them. She loves to help me around the house. I find her "cleaning" things, sweeping, helping vacuum, etc. I can use all the help I can get!