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Friday, January 11, 2013

Tonsillectomy surgery

A week ago today, Blake underwent the dreaded tonsillectomy surgery. He also had his adenoids removed and his 3rd set of tubes placed.

We love our doctor and felt very confident that this would be a great outcome, but knew it would be a tough recovery. Hunter has the same surgery 2 years ago and it took about 10 days of laying around and taking pain meds around the clock before he started to feel better. Needless to say, we were prepared for the worst.

We checked in at North Central Baptist at 12 on Friday. It was a cold, cold rainy day. We we're called back to pre-op pretty quickly and Blake played with his new Iron Man toy and Spiderman he brought. He didn't want to wear the hospital gown but we finally managed to convince him to.

At 2:30, after a little happy cocktail, they rolled him back. We were called back to recovery after Dr. M came out and spoke with us about the surgery. He said Blake did great- they cleaned out his ears (esp the right one that has yeast again) and did the tubes. Then he said the adenoids were growing into the nasal passages, so he was pleased he got those. The tonsils were an easy removal he said.

When we went back to see Blake, he was very agitated. He cried and was very uncomfortable. They gave him 2 doses of morphine for the pain and he dozed off. When he woke up he drank apple juice , had 4 popsicles and another juice. We moved up to his room to stay overnight at 6:30.

We had to order his dinner ASAP to be able to get it. He ended up eating Mac and cheese, noodle soup, pudding and chocolate ice cream. All of it!

He stayed awake and was happy with drinks, Popsicles, etc. we even got him up and walked around a bit.

He woke once in the night (12:30) for pain meds and was crying in pain then. He then slept until past 7.

We ordered a Popsicle and ice cream before breakfast, walked around and eventually he got his breakfast tray and ate. He did so amazing!

Since being home, he has done incredibly. Not the fussing, pitiful feeling I thought he would have- he's been the opposite. We have to remind him to slow down. He's been like normal.

I am so happy he's had a smooth recovery so far. He's been one tough little guy!

On our hot chocolate date 6 days post surgery.

2 1/2 years old

How is it you are already 2 1/2? On one hand, it seems you are still my baby and on the other, you are the most mature 2 1/2 year old I know!

A typical day in the life of Emily.... You are our latest sleeper. Today you slept until 9:50- that is unheard of with your brothers. They have never slept until 8 in their lives! Typically, you are up around 7:45-8. You still love to be without clothes. Even in the cold, you are usually without some important part of your outfit...often it's your undies! You fight me on brushing your hair and have definite opinions on clothing. You change shoes many times a day.

You love to play with your brothers and build secret hideouts with them. You bring in bags, dolls, and other trinkets to your imaginary play of the moment.

I should have learned my lesson by now, but you require a greater level of supervision than your brothers. Take the other day when in the course of time of me being on the phone, you had painted your fingernails and toenails with my "I'm not really a waitress" red polish. Oh my!

You love to watch Curious George, Super Why, Nemo and Chipmunks. Your favorite song is "Call me Maybe." This Christmas you loved the theme song to Polar Express, Jingle Bells (and knew all the words), Baby King and others. You can sing your ABC's, count to 5 usually, know a few colors and are talking more each day.

You still come to our bed every night. You don't nap unless it's a school day or we are in the car. Potty training is still great but you do have a harder time with always taking care of everything actually on the potty. ;-)

You are a mile a minute and more and more fun!

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