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Thursday, January 29, 2009

When it gets too quiet... better start to wonder.

Yesterday, after a couple of minutes on the phone with a friend, I thought it was awfully quiet in the house. After peeking around for Hunter, this is what I found...

The entire contents of the changing table were shoved into and behind the little house in Blake's room. Hunter was very proud of his work.

Earlier in the day, he was digging around in Chris' closet and walked out in Chris' size 15 tennis shoes and announced that he was "ready to work out." You better believe I helped him onto the eliptical and told him I had to get a picture of him on it. A 3 foot tall little boy in size 15 shoes... that's not something you see everyday!

Check out those shoes!
We are at a very silly age these days and he keeps me laughing and we are never short on pictures!!

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