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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Watercolor 2013....part 3

Monday we swam at the Frog pool while the boys played golf. As soon as they got back we went to the pool and beach. My favorite scenery.

That night we had the Griffin family over for dinner. It was a fun night. A huge storm hit and it rained, thundered and had lightening like crazy.

E in her new dress

Our dining area

The family room

My and my twin for the evening

Mom and I

The kids had been enjoying the pool at the house so much at this point. It was a wonderful thing to have! be continued

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Watercolor 2013...part 2

We are here! Sunday was beach and pool for most of the day. Then we went into Seaside for dinner at Great Southern- always a favorite! Hunter and I rode on the back of the "yellow jacket"- our nickname for the golf cart we rented.

Beautiful at night

Heavenly's for icecream the very first night. A tradition for sure!

E was a bike rider this year. She did great! be continued again....

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Watercolor 2013

We headed out early morning on Friday, July 12. We stopped at the usual Chili's in Baton Rouge before making it to Biloxi later that afternoon. We changed into swimsuits and by the time we made it to the pool we found out it was closed due to lightening. So, back inside we went. We decided to let the kids play in the arcade- we stayed at Beau Rivage which is a nice casino hotel down on the beach so there was lots to do. Afterwards we went to eat in the sports bar. The dads gambled that night- both not bringing home a dime. Oh well.
Here are Em and I ready to hit the road for Watercolor the next morning after a morning at the pool.

Hunter thrilled to be in Destin for lunch!

Love the beach

Lunch time be continued

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