Keeping Up with the Joneses

A glimpse into the busy and very blessed life of the Jones Family!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our very own Champ

Last year, an exciting thing happened in our family... Chris one the Club Championship. We had a great time watching him play and win last year and were so thrilled that he made it to the Championship round again this year.

So, there was no time to waste in getting our ensembles ready to show our support for our guy! The kids came up to the club for a couple of minutes to see Daddy and take some pictures in their shirts. Hunter's shirt said, "You're my champ" and Blake's said, "Go for 2 Dad" and Emily's said, "Jonesey." Chris played a great round and was ahead for much of it. At the end though, he lost on hole 17. We are so proud of him and he is a champ to all of us! Way to go!!

First Day of School

Blake had his first day of school on Monday. We LOVE his teachers and are thrilled to give Blake the opportunity like Hunter had to be a part of this school-family. It's really a sweet place to be.

He's already learned letter "A" and is very proud to tell me about his masterpiece of that letter that be brought home. He's on week 3 of potty training and doing great! I'm so proud of him. He just decided one day to wear underwear and hasn't turned back since. He's done great and while we've had a couple of accidents along the way that are frustrating, he has overall been a breeze to potty train. The accidents usually stem from Mommy forgetting to remind him.

Today, I made him a wrap for his lunch. He apparently pulled it out and told his teachers, "I don't love this." Ha! I want to remember these days so badly and know that when I blink and they are over, it will be impossible to remember what these days were like. So, this blog is a small attempt at jotting down the moments of life that are special.

Blake is really talking well these days and often checks with you by replying, "Right? Right mom?" It's so cute. When you ask him if he needs to go potty, his favorite reply is "Not yet." Today at school, he told one of the women that works at the church, "Em-lay is pwetty." He was bragging on his sister! I just love that!