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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keeping the faith...

That's basically what we are trying to do. Today, we wake up and thank God for the gift of another day. I just keep thinking of the words, "Great is thy faithfulness. Morning by morning new mercies I see."

Today, Dana is going to recieve another hemodialysis treatment. Our hope is that these treatments will allow her kidneys a much needed break and that they will resume normal functioning in the next couple of days.

Her "numbers" are good- heart, blood pressure, etc. We ask about these everyday and are getting used to the medical lingo. For those improvements we are so grateful! Her infection level had risen as of yesterday, however they are not able to pinpoint an infection, so it could possibly be a response to this hemodialysis. She is not on any antibiotics at this time, so the fact that they held steady today is a blessing. Hopefully God will spare her the risk of another infection at this time and so we hope it is in response to this treatment.

Our prayers have not changed- we are still holding on to asking, begging and pleading for complete healing as only God can do. She is so incredibly strong and continues to amaze us all. We will plan on being back in Waco this weekend to see her, Scott and Chris' family.

God is good- I know he is carrying her in the palm of His hands. Great is His faithfulness!

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