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Friday, November 18, 2011

Chapel Birthday

Blake's school, which is also our church, does a really sweet tradition on each child's birthday. I'm sure other church schools do it very much the same, but on their special day, the birthday child gets to be up front and have Happy Birthday sung to them. Then, they get to help light the birthday candle, get their special Mrs. Jane hugs and make their own special request of a song to sing.

Blake and his best buddy, Luke, were celebrated on Wednesday. It was so precious for the 2 best friends to get to have their chapel time together. Then, later that afternoon was their Tailgate Birthday Party (another post later on that!).

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday... my precious Blake. How is it that 3 entire years have passed since that first time I laid eyes on you and got to hold you in my arms? What an incredible little guy you are and far more of a blessing than we could have ever even asked for. You are funny, spunky, sensitive, rambunctious, silly, smart, kind and sweet, playful, cuddly, learning new things everyday... you are anything and everything that is good. We are so thankful for our 2nd little boy that makes life so interesting- right when we thought we had things figured out, you came along to humble us right back into our rightful places.

Your little heart is starting to really embrace all that God has to offer at your tender little age- you ask each night for "Mommy bless me." It's something I do to speak words of truth and blessing over you- things that God promises and that I hope you hold close to your heart for always. Knowing that you love that time each night makes my heart so happy.

You still LOVE your "pop pop" (pacifier) and "nigh night." They don't stray too far from you and while it's a little unbelievable to be at age 3 and so highly attached, I know you won't be walking down the aisle with them. A little perspective goes a long way.

You are the kid that everyone meets and wants to take home with them right away. I think I've mentioned it before, but I need to have a shirt made for you that says, "Everyone wants to take me home." You are just a joyful, full of life little boy! I hope you always are!

You are loving to your baby sister and you look up to your big brother so very much. You often ask where he is during the day and are so ready for him to come home and play. I have seen more independence in you as Hunter has been in school more and it's all a good thing. You play and imagine and really get into what you are playing. I think it's precious.

You are loving cars right now, especially the movie Cars 2. You have gotten just about everything Cars 2 for your birthday and are thrilled to play with any and all of it. Of course, you are also thrilled to tote around an empty bag, so you aren't too concerned with the bells and whistles of too much yet.

Daddy and I are so proud of the little person you are growing up to be. You have a heart of gold and a personality of spunk and fun. When you are in high school, you could very well win several superlatives, but I can forsee..."Most Humorous" as your title.

As of 2 1/2 to now, you are talking up a STORM!! I love to hear you tell me, "Be cuz" for an answer to my questions or respond with "Relwee" (Really). When I tried desperately to talk you out of using the pop pop anymore with the tactic of naming everyone you know and saying, "So-and-so says no to the pop pop and so does so-and-so...." You quickly quipped back, "Well Blake says yes!"

Oh boy, my heart just overflows knowing you and loving you. You bring such additional happiness and humor to our family. You can make anything fun and silly. I need to take life lessons from you about living in the moment.

I call you "Messy Marvin" because 9 times out of 10, you are a MESS. You constantly have hair out of place, food on your face or clothes, a runny nose... Who knows, but you manage to collect dirt as you go. Wouldn't take you any other way!

Blaker Boo, Blakey, Bubba, Bubba Roo, Blakester, Blakey Blakey Bo Blakey.... Doesn't matter what we call you, we think you are the greatest 3 year old in the whole world and are so incredibly grateful to be your mom and dad!