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Monday, January 26, 2009


We got back from our 6th trip to Waco since Blake's arrival. Each time we go, the progress Dana is making is amazing. We are so grateful for answers to prayers! God is so good.

She has been breathing without the ventilator since last Thursday. She has a nose canula that brings oxygen to her, but she is doing all the work. On another incredible note, she had dialysis last Wednesday and is still doing well. Her levels are still at a good place and they did not need to do treatment Friday or today as they would have planned. That's a huge blessing! Dana said that days on dialysis are exhausting.

Her white count that measures infection had risen the past couple of days to around 16,000. We are very used to asking about this each day and it is often an indicator of how things are going. Apparently the doctors think that with her off of the ventilator, whatever cropped up will be taken care of without additional antibiotics. Today, it dropped a little, so we are hopeful that Dana's immune system will knock whatever it is out!

She got a visit from her long-time hair dresser this weekend. He came to her room and cut and styled her hair after she got her hair washed. I know we can all probably account that having your hair clean and done makes you feel better. She looks great! We had a really nice visit Saturday and Sunday and I relayed all of the funny stories of the boys lately. She loved them and cannot wait to see them.

Summer and I put together a bulletin board of pictures for her room, so she was so excited to see all of the grandbabies in recent weeks. It's a great addition to her room to see all of their smiling faces.

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