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Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, to have joy like a child!

Life is good! Hunter is such a joy and such a constant reminder of the simple joys in life. He has the most contagious laugh and it's hard not to join in when he gets going. His teacher told me that he was cracking up at the song, "This old man, he plays one, he plays knick knack on my thumb..." and that it was impossible not to crack up with him. That's my boy. These are some pictures of the past month or so of Hunter in his typical style...just having a great time!

This is in Waco on one of our trips to see Dana. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express this particular trip since it was the time that she was not expected to make it. Our nephews stayed there too, so for an afternoon activity for the boys, we let them swim in the indoor pool. My sister-in-law's mom went to Target and bought suits for the boys. They were all matching and this was the smallest they came. He loved being the same as David and Ryan and they had the BEST time.

Hanging from the hoop on Christmas night at my parent's house.

Driving his new golf cart on Christmas morning! Watch out everyone.

Climbing on his playground.

Priceless... having way too much fun on his bounce house. Thanks Mimi and Bapa! We can't wait until you can see him do this in person!

My 3 boys... I am severely out-numbered!

Chris and Blake on New Year's Eve! Love my boys. Oh, we made it to 10:30 that night. Party on!

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