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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer evenings

One of my favorite times of the day during the summertime is the early evening. It's finally a little cooler, or at least the sun isn't beating down on you quite as intensely. It's a fun time to be outside. As a kid, I have many memories of family walks, playing out in the yard, swinging on the swing set, riding bikes, and just being outside.

The other evening, Chris had something he had to go to, so I had the kids by myself. Both Emily and Blake had crashed in the late afternoon, waking up to eat dinner. This can be a disaster in our house with bedtime- they will end up not being tired when its time to go to sleep.

So, after dinner, we put tennis shoes on and the kids each chose a riding toy to take down the street to the playground. Hunter rode his electric scooter, and Blake and Emily rode together in the Escalade.

I wish I had had my phone that night as we scooted and drove down the street. The kids were so cute zipping along with me power walking alongside.

We got to the Woodridge playground and everyone wanted to drive around the track. We spent the next hour hopping from one playground to the other, pushing kids on the swings, playing with a little puppy that some kids had brought, and having the best time.

By the time we ventured home, the battery on the two-seater Eacalade was in its last leg and I was helping them along.

Hot, sweaty and tired kids were all too happy to crawl info bed after a good bath. It's these simple, everyday little tidbits that I know I will miss so much!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kiddie Park

It was a busy afternoon of celebrating a 3 year old's birthday at the quintessential place in San Antonio- Kiddie Park. It's a rite of passage for all children in this town to have their party at the age-old and classic Kiddie Park.

Blake and Emily taking a spin in the boats. I remember riding this same ride as a child.

Hunter all of a sudden seems so big! Time slow down!

In the arcade, Emily had horseback riding down. Yeehaw!

So naturally, big brother had to try.

Then, it was off to Longhorn Cafe with the Hornet Baseball team to celebrate a great season. Hunter was excited and Coach had some great accolades to share with the group on his behalf. We are proud of all the ways he improved and did so well throughout the season.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

...almost caught up

Last day of school....

Last day

Lake trip for Memorial Day

San Antonio flood of 2013- baseball season is over

Fun times with the cousins

Blake's first trip

And 2nd trip

My best girl (thank you Summer for pictures)

George Strait concert- such fun!

Fun times with fun friends!

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And continued again!

The Dell Children's event in February. Such a fun night! Way to go Kristin on planning such an incredible fundraiser!

School days- Blake and Emily went Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each had a great year! Blakey Boo loved Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Amy and Emily loved her first year with Ms. Vangie and Ms. Nancy.

Hunter rode to school on his bike a couple of times this spring.

My loves on Mother's Day

Such a wonderful day to relish the job I've been blessed with to be these 3's mom.

Finally hot enough to pull out the water toys!

Class field trip to Fiesta Farms- such a fun and wonderful day!

This little lady got the royal treatment for the first time while Blake had a special splash day at school.

Our littlest ball player

He had the most fun season on The Diggers

Hunter had a great year on the Hornets

E is obsessed with the dogs these days. She often has them leashed up and locked in her closet. Poor things!

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On March 25, this handsome guy turned 1 month....

...and this handsome guy turned 34 the next day.

Before we knew it, it was Easter. We had a wonderful weekend with both sides of the family.

Fiesta followed shortly after. Babs visited Hunter's school with the Cavaliers.

Here we are before the River Parade.

Mom and I at the River Parade.

Headed to the Town Club party.

And now on to The German Club party.

Stouffer girls at the German.

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Here we are and it's nearly summer.,...

Boosterthon 2013 was such fun! H ran over 50 laps and made lots of money for his school. We were so proud of him!

We packed for the Disney cruise and wore Emily out in the process.

We traveled with the Hildebrands, the Sharpes, and the Hennesseys. We were gone for 6 nights and stopped in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. It was a fun and magical trip!

Shortly after getting home, it was Emily's turn to have adenoids and her 2nd set of tubes. We single handedly pay our ENT's salary I think. ;-)

After.... Not gonna lie- I enjoy the snuggle time.

Then it was off to NYC to celebrate Kristin's 30th with my mom and K. It was the greatest trip! We had so much fun! Our room at The Michelangelo.

Brrrr chilly! It was cold!

Fun to be roommates for the weekend! Mom got us all matching nightshirts.

Our star sighting at The Book of Mormon production- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel!!

Then, baseball 2013 got kicked off. Blake was on the Diggers team and Hunter was a Hornet.

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