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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prayers at 3

A special friend of Dana's requested that everyday at 3:00, we all lift her up in prayer. I've been really exploring scripture lately and am reminded that we are to "boldly approach" the throne. We are to pray with expectancy. We are to believe. What a process this has been for all involved. Thank you for joining us in prayer and especially when God lays it on your heart, for sending up a prayer at ANY time of the day. We are forever grateful!

Check out the other entry from today for an update.
** Also, she was able to breathe off of the ventilator for 3 1/2 hours today. That's incredible! She is receiving dialysis this week again and is on a strong antibiotic to knock out the infection in her lungs. We are taking it as a great improvement to see her on lowered settings on the ventilator and especially to have been able to tolerate time off of it. I am waiting on a call from Chris for other info for the day. Overall, I think it is a wonderful day for Miss Dana!! Thanks be to God for His incredible mercy! We pray that the days to come will continue to be days of improvement for her.**

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Kelly Walker said...

Natalie, we've never met but I'm an old (really old) friend of Chris' from elementary school. He sent me your blog and I want to write and say how much I enjoyed reading it and seeing pictures of your beautiful family.
- Kelly Walker (Padgett)