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Monday, March 5, 2012

shhhh....Blakey sleeping

I realized after going thru pictures on my phone that I have an incredible amount of pictures of Blake asleep- and in strange places I might add.

In a restaurant
In the grass

Leaps and Bounds

Hunter taking Howie from Howard to dinner in Marble Falls... mmm hushpuppies for Howie!

My little kindergartener is 4 days from Spring Break- a rite of passage for school-aged children... and now he is one! I was reading with him tonight and am so proud of his progress. He continues to LOVE school and I am so thankful. He seems to have grown a foot over the past couple of months, he has officially lost 4 teeth- 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. He lost the 2 top teeth last weekend after I said, "Twenty bucks to whoever knocks out Hunter's teeth." See, they were both so loose and crooked- it was time. Blake to heart my teasing statement and literally punched out Hunter's top front teeth. Before you go and report this type of behavior, he was really just "playing" like he was going to punch him and the lightest touch truly took care of those 2 teeth. Hunter looks so different, amazingly it made him look more mature and boyish! That along with the sprinkling of freckles across his nose and cheeks just melt my heart. I love this little boy that seems to be gaining on me in height way faster than I had bargained for!
Ready for Rodeo Day
That 'stache really matures him
Sparklers at Blake and Faith's wedding
2 Goals Mom!! (I missed this game)
Bat face
Hunter= HAPPY
Pirate in Seaside, FL
Golfing with Dad
Happy Birthday big guy! I know I'll look back and think you were so small, and yet right now, you are just so grown up to me.
Yes, this is Hunter. Try the Old Booth App on your phone. Too funny!
Hunter and Jackson after wading through the mud at the ranch.

Oh, Boy! You make me smile :-)

(This is last mischievous!)

This little guy of mine, he's had a rough couple of weeks. Last week, we were struck with the bronchitis and ear infection junk. This week, it's the tummy bug. But through it all, this little guy is making us laugh. I have all of my old iPhone pics on my desktop and thought I'd throw a few on the blog for fun.
Blake and Luke...aka Mutt and Jeff

You are my sunshine!

Play hard...sleep hard

Where did Blake go?

Lovin' adventure
Boys like dirt.
Mustache man
Stripes on the road