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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 years 2 months 2 much

Emily....also known as Emmy Lou, Lou Lou, Lucy, Delilah, Lou Lou bird, Em, and Emmy....although a new nickname is never too far off.

As we approach 2 years and 2 months, realized the we have failed to update the latest.

E is talking up a storm in her "Minnie Mouse" voice. We laugh because her voice is definitely more girly. Some words....
Peas (please), tank yu, no, hep me (help me), pus (purse), dat one (that one), choo choo, Hun-tuh (Hunter), Bake (Blake), mommy, daddy, ou-side, up, down, car, my seat, dink (drink), mik (milk), toot, ew yucky, mon more (one more), bottle, hair, ba (bath), ball, minute, baby, baby kie (baby cry), cheese, memade (lemonade), hou (house), bee (all bugs), Bake did it- when tattling, calk (truck- imagine when she says big truck ;-) ), more, it down (sit down), pitty (pretty), pink, swing, my turn, I beat you, tee tee, luh you (love you), sah-ree (sorry), light, book, kitty cat, buckle la (buckle), doggie, money, monkey, shish (fish), bow, toy, my push, teet (treat), my keen (my clean)...... Names Sha Sha, Babd, Kistin, bake, shaith (Faith), Mimi, Bapa, cari, Kate, luke, seeya (Sarah), Morget (Morgan), Haleigh, Lyes (Lyles), Vanna (Savannah), Careline (Mary Caroline), Adet (Adam), .....

We still have to sit with her to get get to sleep. Most nights she still gets up and wanders to our bed in the middle of the night. She still sleeps with her bunny lovie but can do without.

She still loves to undress. It happens at least once a day. I can have just dressed her and there she goes for one minute and returns naked. Ugh! But the opposite is also true- she loves to dress up! She will put on anyone's clothes, shoes, headbands, etc. I have hilarious pictures of her cloning around with crazy things in her hair and wild outfits.

She started her first dance class today! She wore her first ballet shoes and did great!

She loves to play baby dolls, dress up, on the riding toys outside, with her kitchen, help in my kitchen, vacuum, do puzzles, read books, play with the neighbors....

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Monday, August 27, 2012

1st of 1st

Today was a BIG day in the Jones household....Hunter's 1st day of 1st grade!

Last week, on Tuesday, we anxiously awaited the mailman's arrival. Luckily for us, we are early on his route, so at 11:30 as he walked up to our front door, I quickly intercepted and lo and behold- there was the big oversized envelope from school. We were thrilled when we saw that Hunter had Mrs. Moczygemba. He was a little overwhelmed at how to pronounce her name, but we have it down now. And she could not be any kinder, sweet-natured, and just easy with the kids. Icing on the cake is that she has a tremendous reputation for being a strong teacher, so we feel like we hit the lotto.

Since we already have icing on this cake, I guess the cherries on top would be the fact that we have quite a few precious friends that are in class with Hunter this year and we could not be more excited! Even better is that they mix up at specials (PE, art and music) and recess, so he has the potential to be with so many kids in his grade. We feel so blessed to have such a great group of kids for Hunter to go through school with.

The obligatory first day of school fireplace picture.

Walking down the street with Haleigh....

See him coming out the left side door- the day is over!

Tradition continues- Blake and Emily and I baked a "1" cake this year after a "k" cake from last year. It tasted better than it looks.

I'm a Woodridge kid now!

Not to be outdone- our mini Mule!

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