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Thursday, November 6, 2008

So grateful for your prayers!

(A Picture of Dana, Summer and I about a year ago in New York)

We are so incredibly grateful for the many people that are lifting Dana up in their prayers. I am so confident that God is with her during this difficult time.

As most of you who read this know, Dana was admitted to the hospital Sunday early in the morning. She was quickly diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia and admitted to the ICU. By mid-day Sunday, they had to sedate her and place her on a respirator to assist her breathing. On Tuesday, the decision was made to do a tracheotomy and place her in a state-of-the-art therapy bed called a Rotoprone. It has the ability to turn her body to the prone position (face-down), turn her on her back, or simply lift one shoulder or the other. These position changes apparently help clear some of the fluid that accumulates and enables the antibiotics to get in and work where they may not have been able to. She has been in the prone position for the majority of the time with small sessions on her back. The goal is for her to be able to tolerate more and more time on her back. We also pray that her vitals remain strong and that there are no further complications.

We have been so humbled by the incredible support of our friends and I know that the entire Jones and Copeland families appreciate all of the prayers. We would just ask that you continue to lift her up in your prayers. Of course we are praying for a full recovery, for progress to be seen soon, and that she continues to get the best possible care available. Chris will go back to Waco this weekend to be with his dad and family and of course his mom. I, in the meantime, am willing this little baby to stay put until the 17th. I feel pretty sure that he will, but you never do know!

I have placed Scripture all over the house to remind Chris and I that God has this under His control. He is the ultimate Healer and Physician- I have no doubt! I also give Him all of the glory for every single piece of good news that we hear.


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