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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Important Update- WEDNESDAY

Dana's Heart Surgery is scheduled for THURSDAY morning at 8:00. She will be taken back at 7:15. PLEASE, please Pray for her and the doctors.

We are so hopeful that the surgeons and team of doctors are going to take the most delicate care of Dana through her surgery tomorrow. It had been decided that her mitral valve would need to be replaced, so this surgery is to do just that. Dana's doctors have looked at her heart several times and assessed that she has a strong heart- that was never a question to us. I don't know anyone who loves more strongly than Dana. She is amazing!

Our prayers are of course for the surgery to be a success, that she would do well through the surgery, that her recovery from the surgery would be free of complications and infection, that this would begin the healing that has been needing to take place, and that each day following would bring better and better news about how she is doing.

Chris will be in Waco for the surgery and for the hours following. I ask that you all lift up not only him, but his dad, Scott, brothers; Brandon, David and Russell and the rest of the family. I would ask that God give them an overwhelming peace that only He can give to sustain them through the surgery and the days to follow.

As you all know, the induction date for the baby is set for Monday, so we are literally on overload right now. We are so focused on Dana and her situation that it has put our thoughts of this exciting arrival on the backburner. Our prayer and hope is that Monday will be a day of celebration for not only Blake's arrival, but also that of great news about Dana and her remarkable improvement. That would truly be the provision that we ask God for.

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Hildebrand Family said...

I have been praying like crazy. I know the Lord has a wonderful hand of healing and I believe in him! Call me if you need me.. love you and chris both! xox