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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Glory to God!

Today, Saturday, has been a day full of wonderful news. Chris called me this morning while he was up visiting his mom. They have pulled her off some of the sedatives, and she was actually responsive to their questions and to what they were saying. She was attempting to open her eyes, nodded in response and shook her head at some of their questions. Chris was able to tell her that in 2 days, Blake will be here. I know it was such a relief to him to be able to leave on such a great note. He is home now, and we are just rejoicing over the incredible accomplishments she has made in such a short time. The doctors were just elated that she was doing all that she was. This afternoon, Chris' dad, Scott, reported that she was trying to talk. I know that they want her to rest and not over-extend herself, but what a trooper! She is stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Our plans for the evening are to treat Mr. Hunter to a movie at the real, live movie theatre. We have never done that, so it should be an experience. I wanted to do something extra special with him before the big arrival of Baby Brother, so I think this will be a fun outing.

I am still battling a stubborn cold, so I am hoping to nip that in the bud before Monday. The plan for Monday for those of you who want to know...
6:00 Arrive at NE Baptist and
by 6:15 Dr. Vanover said she would be there to get things going...
We are so excited to meet Blake and are praying that he will be a healthy little boy!

Glory to God for Dana's amazing day! Thank you for your prayers and for checking in with us. I know the prayers are continuing to carry her through this recovery. Blessings to you all!!!

Again, if you want to visit her site, it is

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