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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Important Update- Tuesday

The procedure from this morning yielded information that Dana will need a mitral valve replacement later this week. Apparently the mitral valve in her heart that has been leaking for some time is a culprit to the reason her lungs continue to fill with fluid. It is essential for her recovery for the valve to be replaced, so surgery is scheduled for later this week. They want to give her a little more time to fight the infection and for her to be in the best possible shape to undergo this procedure.

At this time, she is responding well to the antibiotics that have been added in to her treatment and her vitals remain strong. We are so thankful for that! Our prayer is that she will continue to fight the infection in her body, that she will be strong and stable through the heart surgery and that it will be helpful in her recovery from this scary ordeal. Again, your prayers are so greatly appreciated and certainly felt at this time.

While it is never without concern that you send someone in for heart surgery, it is clear that it is imperative to her recovery, so we are asking for God's web of protection around her at all times. I know that He has her in His hands through these times and He will be with her.

Any other updates on the time of the surgery I will post when I know. Thank you all so much for visiting her Caringbridge site and leaving messages. The entire family is so thankful for your well-wishes and prayers. She will just be blown away at the love from near and far when she gets to read them for herself!!

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Spotted-Bird said...

Thanks for the update. Glad you know what the cause is and it can be fixed. How are you and Chris doing?