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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I don't have a lot to report, which is a good thing. Chris made the trip this morning to Waco to be with his family and to see his mom. She is still in ICU under sedation and is still on the Rotoprone bed. The past 2 days have shown improvement on the x rays in regards to her lungs. Friday morning the x ray showed improvement in the left lung, so they spent Friday with her in the prone position to work on improving the right side. I believe that the x ray taken this morning showed some improvement on the right side. Thank you Lord!

As for her temperature, which we asked for you all to specifically pray for, it has dropped to a safer degree. She went from 103.6 to something closer to 99. I do think it has risen a little since then, but it's definitely not as high as it was previously. Of course we want to see that continue to drop and are thankful that it has so far.

We were told that this recovery would be ups and downs, and it certainly is. However, we are so grateful that the past couple of days have come with more and more positive signs and are hopeful that she will continue to improve in the days ahead.

We would ask that specifically people would pray that her organs (kidneys to be exact right now) would respond positively despite this compromised position she is in. The doctors are watching her kidneys today and are trying to be pro-active about their status. We would just ask that the Lord spare her the trauma of any other complications right now.

She has an amazing network of people praying all over. It's truly so powerful what the Body of Christ can pull together and do and I know that she will have quite an amazing story to tell of the healing power of prayer. Thank you God for your faithfulness!

I will continue updates when I know more. Thank you for your prayers!

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