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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hunter with our pumpkins! He still did not want to get into the messy part of carving the pumpkin this year. He was perfectly happy watching me pull all of the goop out.

We had a fun, eventful Halloween. By 9:45, Hunter was geared up as Buzz Lightyear and ready to hit the trail. We stopped off at Daddy and Bab's office and he was thrilled to show off his blinking lights and cool costume. From there, we met up with his class at the church that was trick-or-treating room to room. After that, we stayed at school for a little party. It was a treat to see all of the other 2 year olds dressed up in their costumes.

After a very reluctant nap (thanks to sugar galore), we re-dressed in the costume and headed to the annual Halloween party. On our way there we made a quick stop off at Babs and Sha Sha's and since they were leaving town for the lake, they pretty much let Hunter clean them out of candy. Yippee! Hunter had a ball at the party jumping in the jump house and riding around on toys. He and Kate had to have their annual picture together! Too cute!

After the party, we made a stop at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve's house and loaded up on a few more sweet treats. When we got home, I realized that several of our neighbors had their lights on, so I took Hunter to a couple of houses while Chris went and picked up dinner. He loved going door to door and ringing doorbells. Once we got home, he loved answering the door and helping us hand out candy. It was a fun night!

Family picture at Daddy's office!

Buzz and the Bunny! How cute!

Hunter got a kick out of hitting things with his impressive wingspan!

I love this picture! The purple headpiece made me laugh all day long!

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