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Monday, November 10, 2008


Chris returned from Waco yesterday (Sunday) with more positive news. We were thrilled to hear that his mom was doing better as of yesterday. The morning x rays showed great improvement, which we have been praying for all week. She was able to tolerate time on her back yesterday as well, and that is one of the goals of the bed she is on.

Aside from that, they have seen some notable improvement in her kidneys. We are going to continue to pray God's protection over them and the rest of her organs, that as she is treated that they do not become compromised.

I believe her temperature is holding at a lower degree- again, such a praise! It seemed like everyone felt encouraged by her progress.

Of course, she still has a ways to go, but we are so amazed at the answer to prayers so far. Her good friends have set up a Caringbridge site, so if you are interested, it is

There you can find similar updates as I have here or leave a message in her guestbook. For today, we are continuing to pray God's protection over her, that her progress for the better would continue and that each day would look brighter than the last. Thank you all again for loving and praying for us!

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