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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wild and Crazy at the Animal Safari

Last Friday, we loaded up with Carey and Jackson and headed to the Natural Bridge Caverns Wildlife Safari. Hunter was thrilled to go again and thought a huge highlight of the trip was riding in the SAME car with one of his best buddies! They had a blast getting to roam free in the car and see all of the animals. It was definitely a learning experience with lots of laughs too! The boys loved throwing food out the window and especially loved the antics of the ostrich nipping at the food. Hunter was in heaven when Carey let both of the boys "drive" on her lap. I think Hunter was convinced that he was the one actually in control. Heaven help us!!

At one point, the zebra stuck his nose completely through the open window and Hunter jumped about 3 feet. I think I captured this picture right before that happened.

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Spotted-Bird said...

How much fun is that! Soon you will be able to go back with one more child.