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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary... a couple of days late!

Edited to Add: New Pics from the weekend.

Posing with my big tummy- this was pre-Ruths Chris dinner! :) (35 weeks)

Chris and I on our 6th Anniversary!

It always feels funny to take pictures in a restaurant, but it's always worth it for the memory.

35 weeks! At this point I had about 4 weeks to go until induction day!

I cannot believe that October 19th marked our 6th anniversary! It's amazing to see where God has led us in that amount of time. We have both changed jobs... Chris has almost been working as a real estate appraiser for 6 years coming up in January... I have taught 4th grade in McKinney and 6th grade in San Antonio. I have since "retired" to be at home with Hunter who arrived 2 months after our 3rd anniversary and now we have another baby about to arrive in a little less than a month!

We have moved, bought our first house, done an extensive home addition, bought several new cars and sold several cars (thanks to Chris), gone on some fun vacations both near and far, established incredible friendships with amazing people that I know I will still be writing about 50+ years from now, been a part of a great couple's Bible Study and helped start a Sunday School class for couples, walked the journey of becoming parents, celebrated many holidays and birthdays together, learned a lot about the other person's habits and tendencies (Chris leaves cabinet doors open, I leave countless pairs of shoes around), had the opportunity to truly see God's provisions on many occasions and are very grateful, have splurged and saved, we've seen our inner-child come out of each other while raising Hunter, we've laughed and cried- but mostly laughed, we've been so fortunate to have health and the many opportunities that have been provided... overall, I would say we have been enormously blessed!

This past weekend, we had the very unique opportunity of having no child with us. Hunter was off in Waco having a great time with his Mimi and Bapa. Chris and I took the chance to eat out (hence the 10 pounds I am sure that I gained in that short amount of time). We went to Dough for one of the best authentic Italian pizzas ever! We shared a delicious appetizer of all assorted cheeses and then made room for a great salad only to top it all off with a Margarita pizza that was literally made like they do in Italy. I know... I've been!

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and then each got to work on some of those little jobs that we have needed to do for so long. After a full morning of work and finally being able to check off the list, we headed out for an early evening movie. We saw, Fireproof, which was incredible. We both really enjoyed it and loved the message. After dinner we tried a new restaurant in our area and had a great time actually getting to have a conversation over dinner rather than refereeing and juggling Hunter. It was a treat!

Sunday, we actually slept until 9:30. I do not know when the last time was that I slept that long! Chris helped me shop for the Foundry, the coffee shop owned by the church, and then we came home to put our feet up. That night we enjoyed one of our favorite meals at Ruths Chris and literally ate ourselves to death. It was well worth it though!

The entire weekend was a treat and one that we will not soon have again given that we will have 2 little ones in about 3 weeks. Thanks Mimi and Bapa for keeping Hunter- he had the best time and loves being with you both! And thanks for giving us such a treat by having a weekend to ourselves! We had fun!

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Hildebrand Family said...

You deserved it!! Happy Anniversary to our dear friends! Love yall!! xoxo