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Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Weeks from Today!!

I cannot believe that 5 weeks from today we will get to meet little Blake! I am beside myself excited and am ridiculously ready for him to get here. Of course, I am not wishing him to come early, but instead for those 5 weeks to not be pure torture.

I have his bag packed for the hospital, the car seat ready and the base installed in the car, clothes are washed and hung up in the closet, diapers and more diapers ready and waiting, the room is spotless and set up for him at a moment's notice, the Moses basket is ready and waiting in our bedroom, the monitor is plugged in even though it is monitoring nothing right now, the baby creams and bath gear are ready and stocked...

The only thing I still need to do is pack my own bag, and I think if I did that right now, Chris would think I was crazy. He's already laughing at my "nesting" instinct that has set in so early. He thought it was a little early to install the carseat base, but my motto is to do it when you are thinking about it.

After running our video camera out to the hospital Saturday morning for some close friends to borrow for the birth of their little girl, I realized that I had not stocked up on blank tapes for the camera. Well, I can say that that is now taken care of! We have 2 packs of 2 ready for Baby Blake! I feel like I should keep my digital camera on the charger permanently so it is always ready since you never really know... but I think we will be fine!

Hunter seems to understand that there is a baby in my tummy and gave Blake some kisses today. He loves to push on my belly button that has proceded to stick out very obviously and turn me "off" and "on." It doesn't help that I totally play along and stop and freeze what I am doing to play like I am "off" and then resume my activity when he turns the button back "on." The things you do!

Anyway, I am going to be content to enjoy my last couple of weeks with just Hunter. He's at such a great stage- he's funny and silly and so great to have a conversation with. We are really relishing these days before life gets hectic and unpredictable again.

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