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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here's to the Red, White and Blue

We had such a fun opportunity this past Saturday to watch President Bush be flown in by helicopter to TSTC near Waco and see him board Air Force One to travel to Midland for a fundraiser. Hunter thought it was so exciting to see the three huge helicopters coming from a distance and land within 100 yards of us. Parked directly in front of us was Air Force One- ready and waiting for the President and First Lady to board. It was all very exciting!

While we were waiting for the President to arrive from his ranch in Crawford, this is what Hunter found highly entertaining!

Here's the crew waiting in front of Air Force One.

The helicopter has landed! We were waving and taking pictures at the same time.

Watching them walk up the steps to the plane.

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AHUMC said...

I love it!!!!!!
so cool!!!!