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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Resolution

It was April 2007 (I think) that I started "blogging." It was such a new concept to me back then and I was excited to try something so "out there." Not being a very technology-oriented person, I just played with the most simple template, added my writing and pictures and felt like I had accomplished something great. Being able to document what was going on in our lives was enjoyable and fun and having always been one that enjoys writing in a journal, it was a perfect mode at preserving family memories for years to come.

I do have 2 entire journals filled to the brim with handwritten accounts of Hunter's first couple of years. And the blog started when he was 1 1/2. Then Blake came along, so I wanted to be fair. He has one mostly filled journal and I picked up with him on the blog. The funny thing is, my boys will probably be the least to care that I hand wrote their sleeping habits as babies, their first words and when they mastered a new skill. So, along comes Emily. Three kids underfoot and doing anything but survive is a task in itself. I compromised with myself and decided I would keep a Word Document journal for her. It started out strong- lots of posts during pregnancy recording special info and things I wanted to remember. Then, the first couple of months of her life, I was pretty good about keeping it up. Honestly, at this point (17 months old), I cannot remember the last time I wrote in it. I know I have missed documenting when new teeth have arrived (she has 11), what we have been up to, her words at different months, funny things she does... And even the blog has suffered. I have often felt guilty for not getting on to update, although I know that is not of the Lord, it is fully me and my expectations. I know she will most likely be the one that will enjoy knowing the details of her babyhood and beyond.

So here is the resolution- I am going to TRY to blog three times a week. It may or may not include pictures, but it will update on life, what is going on with each family member.... At the end of this year, 5 1/2 years into the blogging journey, I am making it into a book. So please, if you read this, thanks for stopping by to see what we are doing. Feel free to shout out and remind me to keep this up. I know I will be so glad I did.

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