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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Certain Toddler has our Number

And currently, that number is 12:00 AM- as in Midnight. We are contending with a smarter-than-we-are little girl who has all of a sudden realized her amazing climbing skills can propel her right out of her crib. The last several nights have been a battle of wills with her being able to get right out of bed at any moment. Chris and I have had to laugh as we hear the pitter patter of her little feet as she comes our way. We can hear when she stops off at the pantry- she brought a box of Cheezits to our bedside once. We hear when she stops off to play with a toy left out. We hear when she pulls on the back door handles and says what sounds like, "Go ou-side." Uh, not at midnight. Tonight, she even walked back to the boys' room to announce that they all, "Go ou-side."

We are tired and weary and unfortunately, at this point in the day, your parenting skills are a little lacking. Once my head hits the pillow, my very selfish and tired self wins out and often we are letting her be sandwiched in between us. It's not the best sleep when a toddler shares your pillow.

This to shall pass I assume, as all things do. I will laugh at how at this young age of 19 months, she was so agile in lifting herself over the edge of the crib and lower herself down, dropping the last couple of inches from hanging. Whew! At least she's my third and not my first. I'm a little more at ease knowing she can obviously handle it. I'm thinking it's time to ask my friends who has a crib tent in storage. We most certainly need!

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Cyndea said...

Case is doing the same thing! We are about to start the "Big Boy" bed. He is quite the climber! Gage never climbed out. Oh joy!