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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And they call the thing a RODEO

Our very own cowboy had his first ride in the San Antonio Rodeo this weekend. He was chosen late last fall to do the Mutton Bustin' event and we have been eagerly anticipating this weekend for months now.

The idea of riding a sheep was really exciting to Hunter, especially since his cousin, Ryan, did the very same thing last year in Fort Worth. So, we decided to prepare him from a couple of rides on our backs and watching a few rounds of it on YouTube.

We checked in, he chose to put on the #10 vest and off we went.

Unfortunately, the ride was super fast- so fast that it was nearly impossible to get good pics or video and watch at the same time. Thankfully we get a video through the rodeo and really professional and up-close pictures.
Here he is getting loaded.

And dumped.

The top score was 83 and Hunter scored an 80- the 2nd highest score. His sheep was a fast runner and Hunter held on tight as could be. He shifted to the side all the way to the belly before he dropped into the dirt.
Here he is on the big screen getting his trophy.

Hunter LOVES that trophy- he even took it to school Monday to show his kindergarten class. The entire day was a blast! Such a blast in fact...look who was wiped out!

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