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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Middle Man

Blaker Boo- We cannot let you be overlooked, so here is your update. At 3 years and 3 months you are rocking the potty-trained thing. You really became potty trained at the beginning of the school year when you were still 2, and have done SO great (compared to your big brother who was tough to potty train). My little red-head, you are too precious for words. You wander most nights with pillow and blankets in hand to our room to sleep in between Daddy and I. I know it's not a forever thing, so I'm not too worried about it. It's kinda sweet to hear you suck away on your poppy (pacifier) and see you cuddle into your Daddy. You're a little snuggle bug and I LOVE it!

You LOVE your teachers, Ms. Christy and Ms. Dana and they adore you back. You go M/W to school and talk only about Luke, your best bud. You two are a force to reckon with and don't delve out much. This being your first year of school, you have done great! You take your lunch both days and stay for nap on Wednesday. You come home that day with definite nap hair so I know you sleep hard on your nap mat. You are still ADDICTED with a vengeance to your poppy and your night nights. You and Hunter share a room and do SO well being tucked in at the same time. I love hearing you both giggling and talking sometimes after we do prayers and say goodnight.

You are SO talented at certain things- you can ride a razor scooter like a big kid. Your ability to balance is incredible and you can even ride lifting up your other leg. It's truly amazing. You also have riding a bike down and have the same size bike as Hunter. Yours has training wheels but still, it's pretty incredible to see a 3 year old have such control over a large bike.

You love to watch Marmaduke, ET, Batteries Not Included (you call it Robots), Night at the Museum (you call it Museum), Curious George, you just got into Finding Nemo, Scooby Doo, and you think it's great fun to watch things on your movie player.

Let's love to ride your bike, play outside, play cars, make tents, watch movies and cuddle up, bring out all pillows and blankets and make a huge pallet, play on the pogo swing, play out front, ride the riding toys... You are busy and so fun and so incredibly precious. Your favorite thing to wear is your "Bay-lo jersey" and your "run-around pants." Run around pants are little cotton sweat pants that I told you were just to "run around" in and the name stuck! I love it!

Fun things you say..."Last night..." Everything happened last night in your world.
"Al-de-gator" "No ma'am Emi-wee" or "No Sirs dogs" "Hunter did it" "I wanna take a baf" (bath) "Am I going to school today?" "I not do that, I'm a big boy" "Her not do that"

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