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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Growing TOO fast

At 17 months old, Emily is a mile a minute. She seems far beyond her age and can do most anything in keeping up with her big brothers. Blake, my little policeman, does his best to keep her in line and if often overheard saying, "No ma'am Emiwee."

Her words at this age....Mama, Dada, Mommy, walk, dog dog, No, Nooooo, bite, wah wah for water, makes growling sound for what a dog says, poppy (our word for pacifier), ba ba (bottle), bay-bee (baby), Bapa, Mimi, Baaa for Babs, Sh Sh for Shay Shay, my, blah blah (what she says when she wants something)

She usually eats right handed. She is great with a fork or spoon and has been from an early age. She is getting better and better about drinking from an open cup. She still takes a bottle (don't judge, she's my last) and will go to our drawer of cups that is down low for the kids and bring me a cup when she is thirsty. She is CONSTANTLY in the pantry, bringing out snacks and carrying around chip bags, goldfish.... I can't tell you how many times we have had to sweep or vacuum up the poured out bags of snacks. I am convinced that I need to get a lock for the pantry to keep me sane. It's getting out of hand.

Emily is down at 7 PM and up around 7 AM. She loves to sing and often sings in her room or in the car. It's precious. She loves to listen to music and will dance to beat and can shake her hips back and forth by shifting her weight from side to side bending and straightening her legs. I LOVE that! She loves taking baths and afterwards will dart off for the thrill of being naked a little longer! She loves her bunny that is her lovie- it's starting to look loved on. She still takes her poppy and she and Blake exchange them all day long. (Again, don't's survival sometimes.) She is great in the car and rides like a champ to and from the many things she is toted around to. She likes to play with her dolls, with her brothers cars and blocks, loves to read and be read to, pitters around with her new kitchen, plays outside on the playground or on the riding toys, is VERY independent and can go off on her own without a problem (at least for herself), loves the new pogo swing, enjoys being with people, has tee-teed on the potty a handful of times (yahoo!!), loves to help mommy, push her doll stroller around, sit at her table and chairs in her rooms and play, can climb most anything....

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