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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Fall!

It seems to be more and more like fall outside and I am so grateful. I finally feel like we can spend some time outside as a family. Of course, down here, the mosquitos are still in full force, but the cooler air makes it all worth it. One of the last hot days we had, this is what the boys did while Chris and I cleaned out the garage. They thought it was the greatest!

Planning on Halloween costumes, we pulled out Hunter's costume that he wore at age "almost 2." We tried it on Blake and I couldn't believe how much they look alike. Here is Blake...

Here is Hunter...

Chris and I went to one of our close friend's 30th birthday. It was an 80's theme and everyone dressed up to the nines. It was a blast! Thank you Kristin for our award-winning costumes. Chris rocked the party with his mullet, hot pink hat, irridescent jacket and muscle pants. I had a very classy 80's prom dress, big hair, obnoxious makeup and a swatch watch- mine from the 80's!

Hunter had a blast with some of his best buddies selling lemondade last week. It ended up being H-O-T so the lemondade was a good hit. Each of the boys walked away with about 5 dollars. Not too shabby for about 45 minutes of work!

The latest with my angel girl... she is ROLLING OVER! On Oct 1st, one day shy of three months old, she rolled from her back to her tummy- the harder way to roll. Now, she just rolls from back to tummy and keeps going to end up back on her back again. She can make it across the carpet! I love this age- the smiles, the little giggles (not too many yet but it's not for lack of trying!) the ability to stay awake for longer, her attention to her brothers (she watches them like a hawk), her incredible SLEEP- still sleeping through the night. She goes down shortly after 7:30 in the evening, I wake her around 9 to feed one last time and she is down until 7:00 AM!

All ready for Halloween

We are laying low today since Hunter has strep throat. I am all caught up on laundry, ironing and thank you notes. We have baked cookies two days in a row and NEITHER batch turned out worth a hoot. I am not a baker! That's about all that's going on here with the Joneses. Back soon with some more pics!

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