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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Go "Beat all the others"!!

Since Hunter's soccer team has yet to decide on their official name, Hunter has decided to refer to his team as "Beat all the others." Ha! Hunter made a goal in their first game last weekend and today was responsible for helping assist in a couple of goals. He still gets a little distracted but he has improved since last season so much! He really goes after the ball and his ball handling is getting better. The good thing is, that win or lose (and they don't keep score at this age), he is happy just to play. And play he does. He was out there most of the game today, red-cheeked and hot, but plenty happy.

I flew solo today with the help of my mom with all three kids. It went fine- Emily stayed content in her carrier and Blake was happy in my mom's lap. I was free to snap some pictures and cheer on the Blue!

This always makes me giggle.... don't forget what goal you are going for!

We are off to get new soccer shoes. Daddy doesn't always remember that feet grow over the course of a year and poor Hunter has had his feet shoved in last season's shoes. We are loving this fall weather- well, today is rather warm, but it's been just beautiful here. Ready to spend the afternoon and evening outside with the family!

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