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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Funday

The title to today's post is deceiving... this is not a real fun day. Just a Monday.

I'm still undecided on the picture yall. So, I am giving myself a deadline of tomorrow to get it figured out, printed and in the mail. Thank you for the input. It's fun to hear what people think and friends on facebook helped a ton too. Thank you! Her picture will not be on the announcement like I did with the boys. This time, it will be in the envelope separate from the card. Not sure if that's my favorite way to do it, but I LOVED these cards so much and they just screamed "little girl" to me. Classic and girly.
Here it is... obviously this is from the website and is not our copy.

Hmm, what will I post about. Maybe a look at the announcement pictures I chose for the boys.
Sweet Hunter
(Hunter's card was a Boatman Gellar foldover notecard in the baby blue toile. His picture was on the front and when you opened it, the announcement was on the inside. It was beautiful.)

Precious Blake
(Blake's card was a foldover too- smaller than Hunter's. His was blue with small white polka dots and chocolate brown lettering. It was very sweet... and from the line Sweet Pea Designs.)

**I tried to look up their cards. Apparently they do not sell these styles anymore. Boo!
A great friend of mine sells these fabulous lines from home. Her website is and you will be blown away from the cuteness of it all.

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