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Friday, October 29, 2010

We interrupt this programming... bring you some Halloween pictures. I promise I will eventually get around to finishing the 8 years posts- they are ALOT of work! I have to dig through my folders of pictures from way back when and it just ends up being a lot of time. I don't have much of that these days but I am determined to finish it for myself.

Anyway, we have had a fun filled week full of Halloween and it's still going. We went to the club last night for a fun Halloween party. The kids loved dressing up. Hunter is a velociraptor dinosaur. He is very into "Jurassic Park" and wanted that specific costume. Wouldn't you know a simple Google search landed us the perfect costume?

Blake is in Hunter's old Elmo costume. It is fitting because Blake really does like Elmo and will pat his chest and say "Melmo." Then he will sing "La la la la." He's just too cute for words in the costume.

Emily is a flower- so fitting for our dainty little one. I tried to weigh her at the pediatrician's office yesterday with clothes and a diaper on and she's still in the 12 lb range and she will be 4 months Tuesday. Little bitty Emily.

We finally did our annual Pumpkin Patch visit. It was cool and windy so the kids were more into running around like crazy people. Kristin met me and we got a couple of decent ones.

We might walk down to the school carnival this afternoon. We also have a party tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon. I think we will be Halloween'ed out!

We spent last weekend in Waco for Baylor Homecoming. It was so much fun! We took the boys to campus for the Friday night bonfire. I didn't have my camera that night but the bonfire was pretty big and it was windy, so it was a little on the scary side. We took Blake and Emily to the parade and to tailgate before the game. We didn't do the game and were glad we didn't- a 2 hour rain delay with kids would have been miserable. But, BAYLOR WON!!! Yea!
Here are our 3 in Waco just hanging on the floor- a little tummy time for all!

Ready for the weekend- all decked in green and gold. I'm an embarrassing mom- can't you tell??

In no particular order....
Emily at the patch. I've never had an infant at the pumpkin patch and it's not too comfortable to prop yourself on a pumpkin I imagine. She's not too thrilled.

Blakey... needs no words.

Sneaky, sneaky! I have found this little one sneaking the little icecream sandwiches. Thanks to the freezer drawer he can easily get one. He was really being sneaky this time-wedged between the drawer and the wall to hide himself.

Emily in her flower costume. (Thank you sweet Kate Spielhagen for lending us this cute costume! We are loving it!!)


the bowlin family said...

Your kids are adorable!! Loved getting to see you and them in person at Homecoming!! Sic em!! Happy Halloween. Can't wait to read more about the last 8 years. :)

Grant said...

Baylor Homecoming! I'm from up north and recently came down. I can't believe how crazy people for for homecoming down here. Anyways, cute photos of your kids. They look like they're at that age where they still really get into Halloween and it can be a lot of fun!

Summer Jones said...

Love the dinosaur costume, great picture!

Spotted-Bird said...

All the kids look so cute in the costumes. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween.