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Sunday, October 17, 2010

All about Fall

We are loving fall around here... the pumpkin patches, the anticipation of Halloween, cooler temperatures, soccer practice and Saturday morning games, jeans, ranch weekends, lake weekends, soup for dinner, playing outside again finally....
My three in the their Halloween duds.

Hunter had an awesome game on Saturday and scored 4 goals. It was so exciting and he had a great time. The funny thing about it was that Chris had jokingly told him, "You're going to score 10 goals, right?" Hunter's honest reply was, "How 'bout 5?" Well, he was close!

We spent this weekend at the lake enjoying the cooler weather, throwing the football, lounging in the hammock, going for boat rides and wave runner rides, eating and relaxing, making smores by the fire and watching football. It was a great weekend! Emily had her first rides on the boat this weekend. We've been the lake several times since she was born, but she's always seemed too small to take on the boat. She seemed to enjoy it and was lulled to sleep each time we went.
Emily and I on her first boat ride.

Hunter waiting to do smores. He is in the middle of one of his "stories." :)

My pretty lady! Emily is still doing great... sleeping through the night, rolling over like a maniac, playing in the bumbo, loving her playmat and the most recent addition to her assortment of activities is the Exersaucer. She loves it- she is propped up with blankets but to be upright is a thrill to Emily.

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Summer Jones said...

That last pic of Emily so reminds me of Dana!!