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Sunday, October 17, 2010

23 months

You've come a long way from the 8 lbs 13 oz newborn you were. (Lordy that's big!)

At one, you were a hoot! What a smile you have!

Nearing 2, you are a true toddler... and wow, I've gotta be on my toes!

Buddy boo, we are excited that in one month, we will celebrate a special day with you!

It's so hard to believe that my little guy is going to be 23 months old tomorrow! In one short month he will be 2!

Blake, you are too cute for words. People who don't even know you are drawn to your precious smile, your contagious laugh and your killer dimples! You are T R O U B L E like no one I know! If I am not watching you constantly, you are up to no good. You know how to throw a very good fit and can fall on the ground in protest. You are talking more and more and Daddy and I are so proud of how far you have come with your speaking lately. You still have tubes in your ears (your 2nd set) and that has made a world of difference. You haven't had ear troubles except for a tough case of swimmer's ear this summer. Overall, you are a happy, silly, laughing little boy.

You love to copy your big brother and play with anything he is playing with. Often, I will find the back door unlocked and you have slipped out to wander around the backyard and play. (It's not as dangerous as it sounds!) You love the sandbox, pushing cars around, riding your automatic golf cart and being passenger in the Escalade.
Inside, you love to play with trains, trucks and things you can push or pull around.

You love to watch mommy cook and make our meals. You will come up and say, "See" and want to be lifted onto the counter to watch, help stir and throw in your, "Mmmm's." You are a sweet help in the kitchen!

You are a wild banchee in the tub still- it's like a tornado hit the water. When we take you out, you say, "Bye bye wah-ter." You love to point at your nose, eyes, ears, hair, etc and tell me, "Ma Ma, eyes." It's sweet.

God bless your little bow legged legs, you try to run so fast but don't get to far too fast. Apparently bow leggedness means you will be really fast later.

You are a red head for sure. Oh, it is so cute! You generate a lot of attention because of that! You are never without your pacifier (poppy) and your TWO lovies (nineties). I can barely make you part with them to wash them. Hmmm... we need to work on that!

Blakey, Blakester, Blaker-boo, Blookie-blue, Blue, Blue-bug, Bugga-boo...WE LOVE YOU!

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