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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The theme is FIRSTS

FIRST day of school for Hunter was a week ago Wednesday. He loves his new teachers, being at the top of the heap this year, and basically everything that has to do with school. We took the obligatory "First Day of School" pictures in front of the fireplace. We have done this now for 3 years. He has grown so so much. He is not in the "pre-k" class so to speak, but they are working on school skills, pre-writing skills, etc. He seems to do really well at that. He has come home with "warm fuzzies" and claims that you get them for doing your best. Yay Hunter!

Emily's FIRST room is almost finished. I painted it (twice), got the stripes measured and taped and painted (whew!) and got her new bedding arranged. Now, we need a chandelier (pretty please Chris!) a rug and a new lampshade or two. Other than that, the room turned out adorable and I hope she likes her FIRST room. This picture is just looking at the front window and daybed. I will post one of the crib too soon. I need to get a crib sheet made for it.

Blake has been under the weather this week- a sore throat and fever and boy is he miserable. I hate sick weeks- we end up taking about 4 days to get well and don't get out much. He had his FIRST strep test yesterday- negative of course. So long as he has poppy and niney (his paci and blankets) he is a-ok.

Tomorrow is the FIRST WAG (Women After God) Bible Study. I am excited to dig into John MacArthur's "12 Extraordinary Women" and learn with my group.

I am smelling my FIRST attempt at making banana bread. I love banana bread and haven't ever made it because I never had a recipe that I knew would be good. My house smells so yummy right now and I hope it turned out good.

I am a list person (a little neurotic at that) and yesterday was able to check EVERYTHING off of my list for the FIRST time since Emily was born. And there was a lot on it. Of course, today's list is not getting tackled with the same gusto at all.

Emily met her newest friend, Lyles, last week for the FIRST time. We had fun visiting and taking pictures of the girls in Lyles' bed.

Last but not least, Emily at her FIRST golf tournament. (totally blown away by the excitement of it all!)

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Peachy said...

First of all, attempting to make banana bread myself too! Secondly, LOVE LOVE the stripes-you did a great job on her room! And thirdly, if you are up for a weekend of antique-ing, Warrenton/Roundtop texas antique weekend is the next two weekends- lots of chandeliers to be found for reasonable $. There is MY list :)