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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally.... breaking bread!

Before Emily was born, if you had asked, I would have said that my biggest concern was how Blake was going to handle not being the baby anymore. Blake is my pop-pop lover, must have his two night-night lovies with him at ALL times, loves to cuddle and is generally more of a "baby" at a year and a half than Hunter was.

Boy how wrong I was. Neither boy has shown any hostility, frustration or jealousy over having Emily at home. They are both gentle, loving and very affectionate towards her. What I had not bargained for was the total disgust that Hunter was going to have towards his former playmate. He and Blake were at odds most of the month of July. Blake was apparently "boring" to Hunter, he wasn't "any fun at all" and basically made Hunter want to jump out of his skin. I worried about it, but heeded the advice of the pediatrician who said not to make a big deal out of it. Sure enough, in the last couple of weeks, the boys have rediscovered each other and have had a blast together. Of course, that means that they are now double trouble!

This morning, I had a french baguette left over from our dinner last night and the boys wanted to split it and eat off their halves. Why not? Love this one of Blake smiling.

Last night, we had my parents, brother and sister and grandmother over for dinner in honor of my parents return from their Greek cruise. We had a great time visiting and seeing their pictures.
My dad and Blake

Uncle Blake and Blake

My grandmother Mimi and Emily

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