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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Champion

The Champion and his entourage...

We made t-shirts the night before the championship match for Dad. The back said "JONES" and the front said "GO DAD!"

I am excited to say that I am married to the official 2010 club champ! Chris won the Golf Club Championship this weekend and it was so exciting. We are all so proud of him and know that this is something he has worked really hard for. It was an amazing thing to watch as he played yesterday. We were able to come out at 1 o'clock to see him tee off. The tournament was done in match-play format, so he "won" the first hole and was one up when we left. His parents came in town for the big day. Dana and I took the kids home for a quick rest and his dad and my dad followed in the gallery by golf cart.

By the time we returned with the kids at 2:45, they were "even" at hole 12. I quickly got the kids situated with a sitter and grabbed Hunter to get in a cart and follow. Hunter and I saw him play holes 14 and 15. It truly gave me chills to pull up to the scene- about 25 golf carts following down the path and parking near the green. Chris' cart and his opponent's cart up on the fairway to hit their shots, a camera cart and others parked along the way. It was incredible!
A look at the gallery. It was amazing to see how many people were following.

After seeing him win those two holes, I drove up to the clubhouse to get Dana and we watched the last 2 holes. Chris won on the 18th hole and it was such a thrill to get to hug the champ. He has worked so hard to get there and dreamed of this.
The boys at the trophy table- Hunter was so excited that no matter what, Dad would get his name on a trophy. The only thing better would be if we got to actually bring it home. These stay at the club.

The boys in front of the leaderboard.


Emily and I before heading out to the course.

The first drive. We were so happy to send him off!

A good luck hug.

Family picture with the 5 of us in front of the 18th hole. (This is bizarre... I cannot get this to rotate the right way. Everytime I think I have it right, it posts like this again!) Oh well.

Family Picture with Chris' parents

Home again... here is the champion.

Congrats babe! You deserve this more than anyone I know!

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