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Monday, August 30, 2010

TV time is good for something

Today, at HEB, Hunter pointed to the top of the cheese display case and said, "Look Mom! The Eiffel Tower!" Not knowing that he had any knowledge of this, I asked him how he knew that. He replied, "It's on my Ninja Turtles movie." Quizzing him a little further, I asked if he knew where that tower was. He grinned and replied, "Paris, Mom."

Another example of the value of TV and movies...
"Mom, did you know that snails eat algae?"
"Really, Hunter? Do you know what algae is?"
"Yes Mom. It's green stuff that grows where it's really wet."
This fact he learned from Caillou.

So, don't discount the learning that comes from a little exposure to TV! :)
Below is Hunter at the Waco Children's Museum with his cousin Ryan watching the program about the mammoths that used to live in the area.

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Spotted-Bird said...

I am amazed at what they can learn from TV. TV really is good for them.