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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talking to God

I have always said prayers with the boys at night. It's our ritual. Hunter has always been a little resistant to the idea of saying his own prayer. He usually insists, "You say it mom."

The other night, Chris was out of town. I was putting the boys down and was about to say the prayer. On this particular night, Hunter decided that HE wanted to do it. However, I had to leave the room and shut the door. So I did.

The next morning, he came in so proudly and announced that he had prayed to God and asked Him to help him be nicer to his brother. Hunter was really pleased with himself and I told him how much I knew that God loved hearing from him.

Fast forward to the next night, Hunter again announced that he wanted to pray but that I needed to leave the room. Well, over the monitor I could hear him as he "talked" to God. I have always tried to encourage him to say his own prayers and told him it's as easy as just talking to God. Well, that was exactly what he did.

Hunter's precious prayer went something like this:
God, Thank you for this day and for watching over us and protecting us. (Something I say every night) Please watch over my dad while he's out of town at a golf tournament. (About this time, Blake stands up in his crib and starts to cry) Please help my brother Blake stop crying. Oh and God, I really, really, really like talking to you, and I'd really like it if you would talk to me too. Oh, and I would really, REALLY, like it if you were down here on the ground with me. (A little more that I could not make out over the monitor.) And God Bless ya God!

Seriously, the sweetest and most precious prayer I have ever heard. I'm so proud of him.

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tnsma said...

such a great testament to a great mom! how sweet!!