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Saturday, August 28, 2010


We are spending this weekend at the lake- just the 5 of us. It's been like a mini-vacation. Mind you, meals still have to be cooked, laundry done and we are cleaning up after ourselves, but just being away from home is a treat.

We got here yesterday and Blake and I ventured back into town to shop at HEB. We got back, swam in the lake, the boys kayaked, we had chicken tacos for dinner, icecream for dessert and played. Today, we drove over to Horseshoe Bay and swam in the pool and played at the little beach. Chris and I took turns sitting with Emily in the shade. She was a great sport.

This afternoon, Hunter and I went into town to stick our heads in a couple of shops. He was especially fascinated with an antique store that had junk piled out in the front yard. He was in search of a treasure and found some blue Mardi Gras beads on a rusty iron table. We went hand-in-hand down Main Street (it felt like such a "memory" moment)and looked in several other shops. He was not nearly as interested in the clothing stores as I was. He still had his sights set on the beads as his treasure for the day, so after a stop at the icecream shoppe we drove back to the antique store to "buy" the beads. The lady was precious and allowed Hunter to take his treasure free of charge. :)

We have had fun sitting on the dock, the boys have jumped off of the back of the boat and swam, taken kayak rides, saw a little snake (yuck), and had a wave runner ride. All are tucked in their beds- well, except for Emily.

Chris and I watched Marley and Me last night and boo hooed at the end... again. That movie does it to me everytime. I have been much nicer to my dogs today.

I played around with my camera while the boys were on the kayak and took many pics of my most captive audience. Enjoy!

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