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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sleeping like a baby

Emily officially hit the 7 week mark last Friday. It's hard to believe we are nearing 2 months old. Where did that time go?
She doesn't look too pleased to have time flying either!

Blake and Emily before leaving for the trip. I love that he wanted to hold her. I love his smile and dimples and her expression is priceless- like "Get me outta here!"

I can hardly stand that she is growing and changing. Last week, she started sleeping through the night and has done so the past 5 nights. Of course, now that it's in writing, she will revert back! I would never expect a baby to sleep through the night so young anyway, but had heard that girls usually do much sooner than boys. I'll take it!

We have had a great month of August. Emily has been traveling since she was 3 weeks old. We have been to Waco to visit family, the lake to be with family and South Padre with family. She's great in the car on road trips and has started to take a bottle as of 6 weeks old to fill in the gaps when I just can't feed her. She prefers the Gerber Nuk bottles but loves the Soothie pacifiers. Hmm.

Emily loves to be swaddled just like her brothers did. She will take a great daytime nap all swaddled up. Other naps just tend to happen in the carseat, the bouncy, or wherever we may be. I love to hold her and just be close.

As of 7 weeks, we started seeing real genuine smiles. They are few and far between, but you can tell she is really taking you in when you are talking to you and every so often you get a really precious grin. And drumroll please.... she has dimples too! When I was pregnant with Hunter, my OB commented how much she hoped he would get Chris' dimples. You have to admit, dimples just have a sweet charm about them. Well, Hunter did not get them, but Blake has great dimples. Emily has more than I can count- they are in the corners of her mouth and on her cheeks. I've tried so hard to get a picture of the smile, but she just stares at my camera like "What is that huge black thing pointed at my face that shines a bright light at me?"

Here are some recent pictures from our South Padre trip...
Hunter and his FAVORITE food... Shrimp!

Me and my 3 kiddos ready to hit the beach. My one and only picture of myself. :-)

Blake ready for a day in the water.

Hunter and his new shark tooth necklace. Boy is he proud of it!

On our last day, Emily spent time under our tent laying in the shade. Would you believe that she still got a little red? I felt terrible about it. Only her face was exposed since we used the green towel to cover her, but she was completely shaded. We think she must have gotten a touch of windburn. Ughh. I still feel guilty. Anyway, she did look cute in her suit.

Hunter and his boogie board. He insists on wearing goggles at all times in the water.

We all headed over to do putt-putt and go-cart driving. Hunter had a blast racing around the path with his cousins.

I've been working on Emily's room. Pictures to come. I am not happy with the paint color, so back to square one on that. Boo. I have all of my fabric at Angie's getting made. I chose to copy a bed I saw and I hope I love it as much as the picture. It's very simple and classic. The pops will come on the daybed in the fabrics I chose for the pillows.

Blake has moved in with Hunter- that is going fine as of now. They go to sleep without much of a fuss but Blake has been waking up once a night and often ends up in our bed. However, for such a big transition they have both done well.

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