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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's up Wednesday...

It's hard to believe Emily Blair will be 4 weeks on Friday. The time has gone by so quickly, not that I didn't already know that it would. She had an awesome night last night and slept from 10 pm to 6:00 this morning. Yippee! She has been getting up around 3:30-4 each night to eat and then goes right back to sleep without any trouble. After her 6:00 feeding this morning she dozed right back off and I had to wake her around 8:00.

Hunter has some kind of viral sore throat so we had a visit to the pediatrician this morning- all of us! I had planned to possibly leave Blake with my sister so I could take Hunter and of course, Emily. The doctor's office called and asked if I could come an hour earlier instead and gave me a 15 minute warning, so we all loaded up and I am happy to say, survived our visit there.

My sweet grandfather passed away on Tuesday morning after a long battle with Parkinsons. He's in a much better place now and for that I am so thankful. We are going to miss Dee Dee though! He was a special person and the only grandfather I had living during my lifetime.

Emily is still sleeping most of the day away. I took her for a weight check last week at 3 weeks and she was 7 lbs 13 oz, so I am sure she has finally tipped the scales at 8 lbs this week. I can tell she is starting to fill out more and more, yet find it so hard to believe that Blake was BORN at 8 lbs 13 oz, over a pound and a half bigger than Emily at birth. She still is not as big as he was yet and she's almost a month old. That's incredible!

Blake and Hunter continue to be the best big brothers. There is nothing but sweetness towards Miss Em and lots of hugs and kisses from her big bros.

On our first trip to Waco, Emily was 3 weeks old. She did great in the car and slept the entire way. This is Em in her sunbubble outside at Din and Dinny's house (great-grandparents) while the boys were swimming.

This is Emily in her newest dress from her future Aunt Kate. Thanks Kate! Yellow is a good color on her.

Looking at the lights and colors on her playmat. I realized that I had the boys down on this playmat long before she got a chance. I can't forget to do the things I did with them just because life is more hectic these days. She seemed to enjoy watching the lights, listening to the music and seeing all of the colors.

Emily all dressed up in one of her tutus. It's fun to play dress up and take pictures. I am trying to figure out this camera that I got last fall and play around with the settings. She is of course a very fun and captive subject. One day soon she'll be running just like the boys do when the camera comes out!

Another attempt at playing with the camera. This Feltman bubble is one that my mom saved that me and my sister wore. So sweet!

A week ago I had a small surgery done and so Chris, Emily and I headed to the surgical center that morning. I had her all dolled up in her bow. Since I am still using the baby blue toile carseat cover I used with the boys, we sometimes get the observation that we have another boy- doesn't matter if there is a pink blanket draped over her, it still happens. So, we had to stock up on some more bows to make it OBVIOUS! It makes me laugh that my boys got mistaken as girls even in their blue outfits- I mean blue seeksucker with sailboats? Seriously? Now, I have a girl that has pink on every outfit and she gets mistaken for a boy. Ha!

The kids in Waco... Hunter loves having Em close by and Blake is always eager to be a part.

Look who has rediscovered the swing! He sits in it, makes it go side to side and says, "Wee, wee, wee!" Glad he likes it now since he was never a huge fan as a baby.

Emily is offically without her umbilical cord at 2 weeks and 1 day old. She has had a couple of tub baths since and she loves them. Like mother, like daughter. Actually, all three of mine have loved the bath since day one and even love the sound of it. I guess the many baths I took during my pregnancies fostered their love for the tub.

Well, the rest of our week will be spent with family and honoring my grandfather at his memorial service. We are going to spend the weekend at the lake and I am excited- not about getting in a suit, but about being at the lake. It's been a long time!

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