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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where does the time go???

(Updated with more pictures)

Blake is 5 months old tomorrow! It is so hard to believe that it was almost
5 months ago that he made his grand entrance into the world. In some ways, it seems like yesterday and in other ways, it seems like a long time ago. I was looking at a picture of him the other day and was thinking what I had imagined that he would look like. I realized that he looks exactly how I would have pictured him to- either that or he is so perfectly "Blake" to me that I cannot even imagine him being any other way. I love having him as a part of our family.

I have always been a journal person. It's almost excruciating to go back and read things I wrote about in high school or college, but it's a treasure to have the journals I have kept for my kids. I didn't really journal once I got married for one reason or another, but picked it up immediately when I found out I was expecting Hunter. So, the spring of 2005 at the age of 25, there I was journaling 2-3 times a week about everything that was going on. I LOVE to look back and read about my pregnancy, the things I was thinking about, how we prepared, etc. Then, once Hunter arrived, I was even more diligent about writing down things he did, what his schedule was at certain times, fun things we were doing, his milestones, etc. Of course, with Blake I continued and bought a new journal to write down my experience of being pregnant with him. I don't have the best memory, so I enjoyed looking back at Hunter's and comparing. The real irony of this is that my boys probably will not care less about all the time I expended making sure all of their memories were written down. Oh well! I laugh and tell Chris that he can read my journals to me when we are old and gray and I will certainly love it. I already do enjoy looking back and saying, "Back in April of 2006, when Hunter was 4 months, he was doing this and that, and then in April 2007, he was doing this...."

Anyway, the 2 journal thing is really tough. I can't seem to keep up with it as I would like to. Therefore, the blog takes on a whole new meaning to me in preserving our memories. I love that I can post stories and pictures so easily and look back whenever I want to.

So, on that note...

Blake, you are so precious at 5 months. You get more and more fun by the day. Here are some of the things you are up to...

* You grin at just about anyone and anything. I've never met a baby that just flashes those gummy grins so much. It melts my heart.

* When you do cry, you sound like a baby lion. You kind of roar with your cry. It's very manly! Sometimes when I hear you get going on the baby monitor, I kind of laugh because it's very entertaining.

* You also will "roar" at me when I play, "I'm gonna get you." It's fun to really interact with you.

* You love your pacifier and it often soothes you. However, if you are hungry, you see it as the biggest insult for me to put that thing in your mouth and will spit it about 2 feet. Again, too funny to watch you have a little tantrum.

* You LOVE to watch Hunter do just about anything. He is your ultimate entertainment and I bet will continue to be for a long time. You just focus on him and watch with great concentration.

* Hunter LOVES you more than I could have ever imagined. He loves to talk to you and soothe you. He tells me that he will "Take care of Baby Bwake" when we are in the car and you get upset. It's precious and you usually calm down when Big Brother is in charge.

* You are down by 8:00 each night, up around 1 or 2 to eat and then up between 6 and 7. It's not too bad, but we are working on stretching that out again. I do only feed you for 5 minutes, so we are getting there.

* You've been doing rice cereal for about 2 weeks now and you are doing great. You are starting to open your mouth in anticipation for the spoon and remind me of a little baby bird. You do manage to get some down it seems like to me. For some reason, this time around, your daddy and I are itching to give you real food. I keep reminding myself that there is plently of time to let you taste the good stuff!

* You reach for toys and bring EVERYTHING to your mouth. Anything within your reach is yours these days.

* You have this silly game you play where you pull your pacifier out of your mouth and then stare at it in your hand. Then you try and try to get it back into your mouth- sometimes you are successful and sometimes not. As soon as it gets back in your mouth you do it all over again.

* You are on the go a lot and do really well. Much like your brother, we keep on going and you just come with us. He was always a great sport and so far, you are too. You will take a formula bottle if we are out and about and really are okay with that. Thank you for that! I owe ya!

* You laugh and chuckle at me and I cannot tell you what a spirit lifter that is. I love to hear you laugh!

* You have the cutest toes and laugh the whole way through "This little Piggy." Everytime!

* You are great on your tummy and push up like a pro. The sitting thing is getting there too. You are stronger and stronger all of the time.

* Something that is totally "Blake" is that you play with your tongue all the time. You cannot smile without sticking out your tongue. A lot of times, we laugh because your mouth is wide open and your tongue is sticking out about as far as it can go. It's the silliest and sweetest little thing that you do.

Daddy is imitating your look.

* Your favorite book right now is "Millie Moo" with all of the bright colors and crazy illustrations. You love it when I read it with exaggerated expression and coo and reach for the pictures.

* The Exersaucer is a fun activity these days too. You are intent on getting every last one of those toys in your mouth.

* The jumper... oh how we love to watch you starting to get your bearing in that. I know before too long you will be going to town jumping.

I love you little one! Thanks for being such a precious and sweet baby.

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