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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I don't have a title for this post. It's all random, so "Rambling" seems fitting.

The boys are both down for naps right now. I use "naps" rather loosely these days as Hunter sometimes naps and sometimes lays in his bed and comes out 1000 times to either ask to give me a kiss or ask if it's time to get up. I'm a big believer in quiet time around here. It just makes all of us nicer people. So, that's what we are doing... taking a little time to be quiet in the middle of this gorgeous day.

We are still in the midst of some rougher nights with Blake. I can't seem to figure out what he's going through, but I am pretty convinced that we have created a bad habit that is going to be painful to break. Blake's sleep history is kinda backwards. Two nights after we got home from the hospital, Blake woke up ONCE to eat. That was it! I was in dreamland... I got better sleep with a newborn than I did when I was pregnant. So, that's how things started for the first several weeks. He would wake up only once, eat and then go back to sleep. Eventually, it morphed into waking up around 1:30 or so for the pacifier and then around 4 to eat. Still, not too shabby.

Well, now, it has somehow morphed into something unrecognizable from the early days. Last night he woke up at 10:00 crying. I gave in and fed him and then put him back down. Then he was up again around 2, 3 and then 6. It could be worse- I do know that. The most frustrating thing about our situation is that I know he can sleep better. We have started cereal, we are taking a dose of Tylenol before bed since we have suspected teething pain, we are happy to oblige with the pacifier... Anyway, it's a little harder to let him cry for a stretch of time than it was with Hunter as a baby because now I am nervous of Hunter being woken up. I realize I'm not the first person to experience these things, but in the midst of them, it's like you can't even think clearly to solve it. I keep reminding myself that it's all part of a phase. He won't be doing this forever and I do cherish the stolen moments we have at night, just the 2 of us.

On a very exciting and joyful note... Dana was able to go to rehab on Tuesday. We are all so thrilled and continue to be prayerful that she will thrive and improve these next couple of weeks. Heaven knows she deserves a break! She was able to ride with Scott in the car from the hospital and they took the long route- she got to see the lake, the beautiful bluebonnets, and got to see her dog, Kenzie!! Ya'll, that's just an answer to prayer in itself! I know she is so ready to be home, and we are so thankful that it is closer and closer each day.

Easter plans for the Jones family... we are spending a little time at the lake with my family and time in Waco with the Jones side. It should be fun- fun to see Hunter hunting for eggs, special to see my 2 boys together this Easter. Last Easter I had just found out that we were expecting, so to have my little family all accounted for this Easter is so special. I have been reading Hunter, "The Story of Easter" at nighttime. I don't know what he grasps, but I've been trying to expose him to the meaning of Easter as best that I can.

Ok, the quiet time seems to be coming to an end. I will have to post some funny pictures from our outing yesterday to the Quadrangle. Hunter loved feeding the peacocks, the deer and the geese. It was hilarious!

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