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Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen!! Easter 2009!

We started off the Easter weekend at the lake with my family. We enjoyed just being together and it was all in all very relaxing. The weather was a little on the cooler side, so while Chris and Hunter fished outside, Blake and I played inside. A couple of days before the weekend, I posed the boys in the backyard in their matching shirt/outfit and snapped a couple of pictures. Blake loves being outside!!

This picture was made possible by bribing Hunter with a piece of gum waiting for him inside. You should see the other attempts- the faces Hunter is making in them are hilarious.

For those of you who don't know... the Easter bunny comes to the lake the day BEFORE Easter. Since we were leaving on Easter Sunday for Waco, the Easter bunny made a special appearance on Saturday and left behind all sorts of goodies in the front yard. Hunter had fun hunting, but I do have to say that his speed increased greatly when there was competition once he was with the other grandkids in Waco. We can call this picture, "Strolling for Easter eggs."

Still strolling...

And this one is "Oops, I stepped in doggy doo!" Yuck!

Talk about excruciating... The four oldest grandkids were standing at the bottom of the steps ready to take off, but we all insisted on taking their pictures. This reminds me of the days when it was Christmas morning and my mom insisted on rolling our hair before we could go out and see what Santa brought. This picture should be called, "Enough already... We're ready to hunt!!"

He's off and running!

Hunter posing with his cousin, Savanna.

Chris and Blake helped out by spotting eggs for Hunter while I videoed and took pictures.

Blake and the bunny. :)

Julie and Blake having fun!

Aunt Susan, aka the Easter bunny, and Savanna on a gorgeous Easter Sunday.

A lot of fun with cascarones! Combine breaking something, especially on someone's head, lots of mess, and the sheer joy of catching someone off guard and you have a recipe for a great time in Aunt Susan's yard. I think we all trailed around little bits of confetti the rest of the day. I was even changing Blake's clothes this morning and found a stray confetti piece on his tummy. Good times!

Although our weekend was lots of fun with family, we are sad that Dana is back in the hospital. We did get to visit her in the rehab hospital, but within the next hour they had her back to the other hospital to investigate a new infection. We are praying that this is a short-lived set back, as she was doing so great in rehab last week. As we were leaving last night from Waco to travel back to San Antonio, we made a quick stop for dinner. Hunter was asking to be able to go back to the "hostibal" to see Mimi so we let him call her on the phone. He's not the best conversationalist on the phone, but he did get to talk to her and that made him a little happier. He's asked several times today to be able to see her, and when I said she was not feeling so good, he reminded me that "Yesterday, at the monster truck show, I frew-up on my Star Wars shirt." Let's just say that he has a fabulous memory, as that really did happen, but it was back in January I think. Therefore, he uses the term "Yesterday" rather liberally.

Anyway, Mimi, I hope if you are reading this you know how much we love you and are praying for you. You are covered in prayer by SO many people. I know you know that already, but I hope you feel it. We are certain that this will be a small blip in the big scheme of things and you will be back on your feet in no time. We just can't wait until you are feeling like your old self again! We love you!

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