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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just can't resist...

...comparing pictures of the boys at the same age doing the same thing. It's just too fun.
No guessing needed on this since Hunter's initial is loud and clear on his little outfit. That outfit of his was probably the outfit that I truly got my money's worth. He wore the heck out of it and I'm glad he did since it's a little limiting with a big blue "H" on it. I honestly spent time thinking up "H" names this time around for the sole purpose of another baby being able to wear that. Isn't that ridiculous? Anyway, here is Hunter jumping in May 2006 at 5 months old.

Here is little bro doing the same thing at the same age. In all honesty, they look nothing alike to me in these two pictures. (It's probably the lighting differences in the pictures, but I truly did not think it was possible to have a more fair child than Hunter and in this picture, Blake takes the cake. I'm already stocking up on the sunscreen.)

The other day, we went with some friends to the Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston and fed the animals. Unfortunately, not one single one of us moms noticed a sign that said "Do NOT feed the animals bread." Those precious little things probably downed at least a loaf or two from our crowd. Oops. I sure hope they are all still alive and kicking!
Here is Hunter feeding a deer. He thought it was awesome that they would come so close to you.

Notice his individual style... shorts and cowboy boots. It's a very common theme around here and we get lots of smiles from strangers. They either think it's cute or sad that his mama doesn't seem to have much control. Just to set the record straight, I don't think it's hurting anyone and he is pretty darn cute!

Hunter looks like he's shaking his tail feathers for the peacock!

Two updates in one day! Wow! Don't miss the one about Blake being 5 months old!

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Spotted-Bird said...

I can't believe Blake is 5 months. Seem just like yesterday he was born. Feeding the animals looks like so much fun. See you Sunday!