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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fiesta 2009

Fiesta is always such a blast and even more fun now with the kids. I have so many fun memories of being a kid here in San Antonio during the week of Fiesta. It's just fun!

There are always lots of events to take the kids to, but we love the fireworks at the Country Club the best. They have a great set-up for the kids and tons for them to do. After taking Hunter last year, he has referred to the fireworks as "The Big Show." Even to this day, we talked about it as "The Big Show." It certainly did not disappoint and even Blake was still up when they started at 9:00. I got him out of the stroller and held him so he could see the fireworks and his little eyes were open so big.

They had an enormous inflatable slide with an alligator or crocodile (not quite sure the difference) that Hunter dashed to first. He doesn't quite understand the concept of waiting in line and so while Chris and I were standing back visiting with friends, we finally caught on that he was coming down that slide pretty often being that the line was not moving quite that fast. I finally saw his method of coming down the slide and slipping right back in the front of the line. Needless to say, we had a little life lesson to be taught that night. Of course, his reply was, "Why?"

He did this bungee run thing where you get hooked up in a harness of some sort and then run as fast as you can with a bungee cord connected to you and it pulls you back. He thought it was fun! (Sorry for the poor quality of the picture- I was shooting into the sun and had my camera set on something weird.)

Then, he insisted on doing the giant climbing wall. It was mainly older kids in line, but he really wanted to do it and the man working it said that he could. I figured by the time we got to the front of the line he would have lost interest, but no. Here we go! Our little climber hooked up and ready to climb...

As he got higher and higher he was being cheered on by the kids and grown-ups standing in line that could not believe he was actually doing this. Truth be told- neither could we!

As he got to about the midway point, there was a sense of panic when he realized how high he was. I was a little glad that he had some fear up there. He was lowered down to the bottom after that and was all smiles with his accomplishment.

Since they set up the event on part of the golf course, the sand traps become major entertainment for the kids.

Blake had a great time being strolled around and loved the colors and all the excitement of the evening.

Mommy and Blake. I realize I rarely get in a picture and even more rarely am I actually dressed in something other than workout clothes. Now my boys will realize that I WAS with them at these things!

The Joneses

My parents with us!

Hunter and a couple of his buddies after the fireworks show. It's 9:30, they are tired, sugared up on sweets, worn out from the activity and we are asking them to pose for a picture. Smart.


DCC said...

that is my Godson Reed in the first picture with Hunter!

Spotted-Bird said...

Sounds like so much fun! We don't go to any fiesta activities. We are pretty boring.